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Entrevue chez Rogers à l’émission RegArts

by on Oct.01, 2014, under Uncategorized

Lundi, j’ai eu la visite de Rogers 23 pour un court reportage qu’ils vont faire sur mon studio à l’émission RegArts. Quelle entrevue plaisante, produite par Jean-François Dufault et conduite par Martin Théberge! En théorie, elle devrait être en ondes samedi le 4 octobre à 10h.

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Bamboo Groove CD Launch

by on Oct.01, 2014, under Uncategorized

Yes!!! It took a while to get all the tracks done, but in Pete’s case, it was all worth it. Pete’s voice and his interpretation matured well with time, and I am very happy with the results. Plus, I got to play some chromatic harmonica, too! That was fun!

The CD launch is happening this Friday, Oct 3rd at the NAC 4th stage. I hope to see some of you there.

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What Great Young Talent!

by on Mar.15, 2014, under Uncategorized

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve had the great pleasure of recording audition demos for students wishing to apply to study Jazz at various universities and colleges. This year’s sessions were for Keagan Eskritt, Ben Heard and for Rob Wannell. I still can’t get over just how good these young musicians are! They came into the studio, recorded 3-4 tunes, and within 2 or 3 takes they had all they needed – all with great time, great musicality and, most importantly, a great attitude. Expect some great music in the years to come!

– Norm

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Christmas CD!!!

by on Nov.12, 2013, under Uncategorized

Jozée Devoua, JP Allain and myself have been working on a new CD, just in time for Christmas. Well, it is also a Christmas CD. Check it out here:

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Bamboo Groove Session

by on Nov.25, 2012, under Uncategorized

Great session in the studio yesterday, recording Bamboo Groove, with Pete Liu, Tim Shia, Peter Hum and Mark Fraser (sub for Adrian Cho). The day-long session was to record a new demo for the band. Peter Hum did some of the arrangements, and they sound fabulous. Thanks for a great day, guys! Now, on to mixing.


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Capital Vox CD Artwork Preview

by on Oct.28, 2012, under Uncategorized

Somehow, through the magic of the Internet, I managed to get a copy of the artwork of the Capital Vox CD so I could post it with sound clips (yes those leaked from one hard drive to another, too!!!). The artwork looks so good, kudos to Marilee Alcorn and to Claude Brazeau. Check the artwork on the Capital Vox page on this web site.

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Capital Vox CD off to the presses!!!

by on Oct.22, 2012, under Uncategorized

A note from Elise Letourneau:

Hello Good People –
Well, the 50% deposit is paid and the artwork is done and the order is filled in, and I happened to still be around when the truck came and picked up the outgoing priority mail, so I got to watch the masters get loaded out and drive away. Our CD is on its way to the plant!
What a ride it has been – October 2011 to October 2012. Wow.
Well done everybody, and thank-you! –

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