À la ferme de Jojo (2004)

  • Brian St-Pierre, keys and acoustic guitar
  • Normand Glaude, bass, harmonica and synth
  • Olivier Fairfield, drums and percussions
  • Hugues Drouin, electric guitar
  • Mike Tremblay, saxophone
  • Bobby Lalonde, violon
  • Johanne Lefebvre (Jojo), voice.
  • Danie Louiseize, Brian St-Pierre, Jude St-Pierre and Normand Glaude, background vocals
  • Annie-Pier, Benoit, Cynthia, Marilyne and Simon, children’s voices

I got to know Jojo through this first project. She was selected as the “artiste en résidence” at le Mifo, and this brought Jojo (who wrote lyrics), Brian (who composed all the songs) and myself together for this project. For a children’s album, it rocks, so much that it won for Best Children’s Album and Best Children’s Show at Le Gala Trille Or. I still listen to it today, and never tire of it, and Jojo still performs the show. This was all recorded, mixed and mastered in the studio.

Jojo et le Noël des animaux (2008)

  • Johanne Lefebvre, voice
  • Brian St-Pierre, arrangements and programming, harmonica, acoustic guitar, keys and background vocals.
  • Normand Glaude, bass and programming
  • Jean Poulin, piano and accordion
  • Garry Elliott, classical guitar
  • Hughes Drouin, electric and acoustic guitars
  • Mike Tremblay, saxophones
  • Isabelle, Samuel and their friends, children’s voices

Jojo turned festive for her second album. Brian delivered wonderful compositions and arrangements that he delivered to me via audio and midi files. Then we combined some of the sounds from my samplers, and added some acoustic and electric instruments to make it sound bigger (almost as big as Santa!). We finally overlaid Jojo’s lyrics and vocals full of imagery. I did go the extra mile and put up some Christmas decoration in the studio (in July). It probably made a difference in Jojo’s magical interpretation in studio.

Jojo et le camion rouge (2010)

  • Johanne Lefebvre, vocals
  • Isabelle, Samuel, Marilou, Marie-Ève, Mylanka, Krystal, children’s voices
  • Normand Glaude, background vocals
  • Pierre Glaude, background vocals
  • Isabelle Glaude, vocals
  • Frank Rose, keys
  • Gerry Clancy, drums
  • Andrew Afflect, bass
  • Dave Barton, trompette and guitar
  • Pete Pereira, sax

This project was initially Mary Lambert’s, and she produced it in English, but also intended to produced it in French. Somehow, Jojo and Mary connected, and Jojo ended up collaborating with Mary and the usual suspects to produce it in French. The production was already of great quality, and we had access to all the pre-mixed instrumental tracks that Mary used for her shows. Just add vocals, and tons of great vibe. It’s a winner again.

See Jojo‘s web site for upcoming shows, and to purchase the album.