Eric Eggleston

Passing Through (2002)

  • Alexandre Calci, guitar
  • Mark Wilson, drums
  • Jack Surch, mandolin
  • Mark “Chip” Welsford, bass
  • Ashley MacIsaac, fiddle
  • Marc Primeau, drums and percussions
  • Normand Glaude, bass, keys, background vocals and percs.
  • Jessica Millar, background vocals
  • Tyler Kealey, accordion
  • Bill Rowat, trumpet
  • Mark Ferguson, trombone
  • Eric Eggleston, vocals, guitar, bass and percussion

I have been collaborating with Eric since the early stages of his musical career. This album is probably the one where I contributed the most. Eric has a great sense of melody and of rhythm, and he certainly knows what he wants to hear. It was a great challenge for me to deliver the production he envisioned, and as a co-producer, this recording certainly has musical hints of my signature. It was recorded in a variety of locations, but mostly in my studio and in his living room, in Orleans (we were neighbours back then). I also collaborated with him on 2 of his earlier CDs, and much less on the ones following but we still collaborate frequently on other projects. Most of Eric’s work is out of print now, and Eric is now producing other artists. Check out his web site at

“… and to a brilliant man and friend who’s knowledge is piled ten miles high in front of my place, le très honorable Normand Glaude.” – Eric Eggleston