Renée Yoxon and René Gely

Let’s Call It A Day (2010)

  • Renée Yoxon, vocals
  • René Gely, guitars

This is a really up close and personal recording, and I immensely enjoyed working on it. With only two instruments, everything is very naked, and every detail is important. The CD was recorded in René Gely’s studio in his home with a small collection of very effective microphones and equipment. The tracking was excellent, and there was minimal clean-up to do. And the interpretation was really soulful. They then turned to me to mix and master the tracks. With such space, the tuning of the reverb had to be perfect to provide the right amount of atmosphere, and this is where the UAD Dreamverb and mastering plug-ins shone.

Please visit René Gely and Renée Yoxon‘s repective web sites for more information about their projects.

“Norm Glaude did a great job!” – René Gely

“He really understood the sound we were going for, and gave us a lot of very interesting critiques. He really gave us a great product.” – Renée Yoxon