Capital Vox Choir

Capital Vox Choir Sings Elise Letourneau (2012)

To be released in November 2012.

Capital Vox is a community jazz choir that was a very interesting challenge to record. Normally you’d think that a choir needs to be recorded in a large open space, especially during a concert. We opted for the recording studio to allow us concentrate on each desk, and ensuring that we would get great, consistent performances from song to song. In the end, that was a smart move, and allowed us to work with the complex schedules of everyone.

See Capital Vox Choir‘s web site.

“I brought Capital Vox Jazz Choir to record their first CD at Morning Anthem Studio because I always felt so at home doing my own projects there. I knew that recording a choir with a band would have its challenges, and I knew that Norm was the man for the job. He found so many great solutions and workarounds, and managed everything, from acoustic bass to electric guitar, from wind instruments to crystal wine glasses… and 29 singers. And my singers had a great experience too. It’s a community choir, and many of them had never been in a recording studio – for some of them it was a ‘bucket list’ kind of thing. It was the largest-scale recording project I’ve worked on to date, and I felt so happy and confident about entrusting it to Norm Glaude’s highly capable hands and incredibly musical ears.”  – Elise Letourneau