Studio Tour

The studio is about 800 sq.ft. in size and has 3 acoustically treated and isolated recording spaces. Additionally, there are 4 adjacent rooms which can also be used when recording larger ensembles in a live-off-the-floor setting, where performers or amplifiers can be located.

Main Studio

The main studio is a live room of about 300 sq.ft. in size. The piano is a 1920's Steinway model "O", and has been completely restored. There are double doors to the right that lead into another room where the piano is stored when it is not in use.

The Drum Room

There is a smaller isolation booth which is acoustically live, and is generally used for recording drums when the larger room is used for other instruments. The acoustics can be dampened with the use of portable gobos according to taste. There are two windows, one to the main studio room and one to the control room.

The Control Room

The control room is about 200 sq.ft. in size. It has a custom built desk and two very comfortable leather chairs. The computer is very quiet, and I often use the room to record quieter instruments to isolate them further in a live band setting.


Upon entering into the studio, there is a nice kitchen with fridge, microwave, toaster and coffee machine for your comfort.